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Faced with the multitude of models on offer, the gaming chair market now has reference brands. And among them is Vertagear. With many specificities, it excels in many areas related to the design of the gaming chair. Which are they? Which Vertagear chair suits you? You’ll get your answers and more in our second-part guide, along with our Vertagear review .

Vertagear: its history

The history of Vertagear is characterized by the youth of the brand, its meteoric rise and an origin marked by the meeting of specialists from very different fields. Vertagear was born in 2015 . The world of gaming chairs is booming. Vertagear arrives when the war had already begun.

The brand is fearless and throws itself into battle. Confident, she relies on the knowledge of her team of video game enthusiasts. There are hardware veterans, furniture specialists and designers .

The rapid evolution of Vertagear is explained not only by the quality of the products , but above all by the attention paid by the company to the user experience, by the vigilance towards each element and each discipline: design, comfort and functionality. Vertagear is constantly questioning itself for the improvement of its products.

This is company policy. She focuses on research. It tries to get ahead of its competitors to meet the needs of the gaming community.

Why choose Vertagear?

Today, competition is fierce between the different brands of gaming chairs. But it is clear the incredible success of Vertagear despite his young age.

True to its policy, Vertagear has been able to offer great innovations every year. Whether technical, ergonomic or aesthetic innovations, Vertagear has not limited itself to the creation of new armchairs or new series. The brand is updating its entire catalog and strengthening its products to improve their quality.

For these reasons, it can already be considered one of the main players in the gaming chair market. Vertagear has proven its versatility through its innovations and a high quality setting it apart from other brands: in- depth personalization of the chair.

The Triigger range consists of ergonomic models

Comparison table of the best Vertagear chairs

Vertagear gaming chairs aspire to combine two things: comfort and aesthetics. The designers also aim to use high quality products for all the brand’s models. But then, what are the best Vertager armchairs? And what are their differences?

To help you find your way around, here is a comparison table of the most popular Vertagear gaming chairs , followed by our opinion on these models.

Contractor PL6000 Simili Cuir 180 kg 180-205cm 50 kg/m³
Contractor SL4000 Simili Cuir 170 kg 160-180cm 50 kg/m³
Vertagear Trigger 350 Please 150 kg 170-195cm

Our selection of Vertagear gaming chairs

In this concern for innovation, Vertagear offers quite a few chairs and only has two ranges of gaming chairs and a range of ergonomic chairs . To help you make your choice, here is a guide with the best gaming chair from each of the manufacturer’s ranges.

Contractor PL6000

A top-of-the-range model from the P Line (PL) series, the Vertagear PL6000 is a marvel. This Vertagear chair is intended to be fully practical and accessible to all. It mounts quickly and easily for effortless assembly. This does not detract from the quality of the product and its resistance. With its metal frame and base, the Vertagear PL6000 is a reference model offering all the options you would expect from a gaming chair, from tilt to 4D armrests .


The materials are all of high quality. Its Leather-PVC coating based on coffee fiber ensures a durable product – much more than PU leather. However, this leather covering has many limitations. From a temperature of around 25°C, you will notice that the Vertagear chair struggles to breathe and will retain heat.

The metal base is able to support a load of 200kg . This product also benefits from a small range of colors with solid colors, as any other brand can offer, but also a camouflage model.

Some particularities concerning the PL6000. Aesthetic choices, relating to design, can impact the comfort of the Vertagear gaming chair. On this point, the dimensions of some parts are increased compared to other Vertagear chairs. This increase concerns particularly the space at the level of the shoulders.

On the other hand, the seat is more narrow. Its purpose is to prevent you from mishandling yourself. But this advantage can also be a defect for those who do not like being in a seat that hinders certain movements.


  • Suitable for tall people
  • A sturdy chair
  • All the features of a premium product
  • Quality leather-PVC

The lessers

  • Can become uncomfortable in hot weather

Contractor SL4000

The Vertagear SL4000 is a model of the SL series. This gaming chair has a similar leather-PVC cover identical to the PL6000. And with this, the SL4000 has this same temperature-related defect.


The Vertagear SL4000 has a design based on curves and a very thin backrest . For this reason, the back of the chair includes wings to support your shoulders. But these wings are particularly small, and your shoulders can overhang . And in this situation, the chair will have no ergonomic advantage since it will push your shoulders forward.

This armchair is therefore mainly intended for people with thin shoulders, or who appreciate being slumped in the bottom of a comfortable armchair. The Vertagear SL4000 is comfortable, it’s just not suitable for broad shoulders. But above all, it is to be reserved for an audience of average height (160-180cm).

More accessible, the SL4000 has many advantages and is the brand’s best value for money. In terms of functionality, this Vertagear gaming chair is fully adjustable. With an inclination of up to 170° , height adjustments and 4D armrests , this chair has everything a demanding gamer can expect from a high-end chair .


  • A good price-performance ratio
  • The features of a high-end chair
  • Quality leather-PVC

The lessers

  • Can become uncomfortable in hot weather
  • Not suitable for people with broad shoulders

Vertagear Trigger 350

Do you want to move away from gaming chairs and towards ergonomic chairs? Know first that ergonomic chairs are much more expensive. Richer in options, they are more practical. The appearance of the chair comes after the features offered. And Vertagear tried to offer both of these aspects of the office chair. The brand has integrated the Triigger range into its catalog . A series of ergonomic chairs moving somewhat away from the sporty look of gaming chairs.

The Vertagear Triigger 350 is the highest model to date in the Triigger series . This chair is the most expensive of the brand. Count around 800 euros. And this price is rather low compared to the features offered by this chair and the prices of the competition for a similar product.

This ergonomic chair is fully adjustable. From the 4D armrests to the backrest, even the seat depth is adjustable. The backrest is also adjustable to deploy and move the lumbar support located behind the backrest fabric. Added to this, an adjustment of the tension of the covering to adapt the density of the seat, more or less firm according to your preference.

In addition to these thoughtful settings, the controls are both accessible and discreet . The Vertagear Triigger 350 will anyway adapt to your needs and even your preferences, in any situation. This adaptation to the situation, the manufacturer has thought about it right down to the wheels. They also benefit from a neat design and efficiency on all types of ground.

The materials used are of incredible quality. Genuine calfskin is used for some parts of the upholstery. The fabric used, of the mesh type , is very resistant and allows absolute comfort between adaptation to the body of each while ensuring a good position of your back. Only one missing headrest remains, sold as an accessory on the Vertagear store.


  • Each element of the chair is adjustable
  • Very high quality materials
  • A high-end ergonomic chair
  • A reasonable price compared to the competition

The lessers

  • The headrest sold separately

All about Vertagear and its gaming chairs

You now have benchmarks in the catalog of Vertagear gaming chairs with our selection. Nevertheless, the manufacturer still keeps some secrets and options. What are the different ranges of the brand? You will also have noticed that we have not yet addressed the question of customization options , one of the great strengths of Vertagear chairs.

The different ranges of Vertagear

Vertagear offers two ranges of gaming chairs: the S-Line and the P-Line. Added to this is a line for their ergonomic chairs.

  • S-Line : The most popular range, these are the larger models of Vertagear products. With a design borrowing a lot from sports models, these gaming chairs are wider and more imposing.
  • P-Line : With a neat design, these armchairs are more luxurious. Their curves bring more personality and sobriety to an ever present sporty style. In addition, Vertagear is keen to make its P-Line range a series of more resistant chairs.
  • Triigger Line : The Triigger series is the range for Vertagear ergonomic chairs. Far from the sporty look of a gaming chair, these chairs aim to be functional and to adapt to all people to offer the consumer a real comfortable work tool.

Vertagear accessories to customize your chair

The high quality that distinguishes Vertagear from its competitors is undoubtedly its wide range of accessories for its gaming chairs. From colored casters for all types of armchairs to fabric or leather headrests for Triiggers , Vertagear relies on elements offered to the good taste of its public.

But customization for gamer goes even further. Vertagear dedicates LED customization kits for its most luxurious models, namely the PL4500 and SL5000 . These two models can benefit from an LED Kit illuminating the back of your gaming chair front and back.

Even more customization and accessories? Vertagear also offers you an LED kit for the base and casters of your chair. Of course, all of this has a price. Count 300 euros for each LED kit.

Our opinion on Vertagear

Our opinion on Vertagear is rather positive, it is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of gaming chairs. The brand is true to its history. She is constantly innovating and always offers more to her audience. Despite its young age, Vertagear has established itself quickly with quality products and adapting to the needs of gamers.

Today, Vertagear has met the needs of the gaming community with its chairs. From now on, it is on the side of ergonomics that the company seems to be turning, without losing sight of the players by offering ever more attractive light accessories.

Vertagear FAQs

Vertagear is one of those brands forming the top of the gaming chair basket. But what are the differences vis-à-vis its competitors? How to compare them?

Vertagear ou Akracing?

Vertagear and AKRacing do not have the same vision of the gaming chair at all. Vertagear has a vision of products designed by enthusiasts to meet their needs. It is a company that listens and is constantly adapting and evolving.

AKRacing relies on other arguments. The company specializes in motor racing chairs. It is strong in real know-how in this area and gives added value to this sporting and competitive spirit of e-sport.

For this, the real difference in the products is mainly based on the place of the seat, generally wider at AKRacing which also has a perforated covering for better ventilation. Vertagear deviates slightly from this aesthetic to offer more sober and decorative armchairs.

Vertagear ou DXRacer?

These two brands are aimed at a certain luxury. Vertagear plays on accessories, the accumulation of options and decorations for a limited selection of models.

For its part, DXRacer relies on the accumulation of models and mass production. The brand has 9 different series. DXRacer seeks to popularize the gaming chair and make it accessible if it cannot stand out. The aesthetic is sporty and meets the codes of the consumer gaming chair. Vertagear therefore stands out as an expensive solution, but a durable and high-end solution.


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