When you want to get an external hard drive, it can be much more interesting to focus on an SSD which will offer both thinner dimensions and much higher performance. This is obviously the case with the Samsung T7 SSD which we are going to tell you about this time, a worthy successor to the T5 which had already made Samsung’s reputation on the external SSD market and which we had greatly appreciated.

Samsung T7 SSD Specifications

The Samsung T7 is an external SSD that wants to be in the era of time. With 1Gb / s write and read speed , it allows a comfortable daily use, be it a computer, a tablet Android or on your PlayStation 4 or 5 or even your Xbox One and Series X . Concretely, it is a product to put in all hands as it is accessible.

WE love :

  • Fast flows
  • The two cables supplied
  • The design and finish of the product
  • Its dimensions
  • Security system

We like less:

  • Too few security options
  • The SLC cache still too tight
  • No carrying pouch

Our full review of the Samsung T7 SSD

A step forward vis-à-vis the T5

After two years of letting speed lovers take advantage of the excellent T5, Samsung has decided to replace its range with the arrival of the highly anticipated T7. Very close name, but obviously different, the T7 is categorized as a second generation external SSD with an advertised speed of 1Gb / s, which  is about twice as much as the T5 and up to 9 times as much as an external hard drive. classic. As for the type of memory, Samsung is this time bypassing the V-NAND and will prefer something more current and dedicated to use at very high speed, namely the NVMe M.2 .

construction of T7

In terms of speeds, Samsung is betting here on writing at 1050 MB / s and reading at 1000 MB / s , which is a pleasant consistency to see between the two speeds. If the NVMe obviously plays a big role in this, we must also thank the USB Type-C in 3.2 (Gen2) which makes it possible to reach new heights when the computer used for the transfer is compatible. However, it should be noted that the Samsung T7 SSD has an SLC cache , a write acceleration system. Although it varies between the different models of the T7, its principle remains the same: during the first GB of writing (between 40 and 80 GB), the SSD operates at full speed then lowers the speed once the limit is exceeded. While this saves speed on everyday files, professional use with very large videos, for example, can be impacted.

Note also that two cables are supplied with the product: if both are Type-C 3.2 on one side, one offers a connection to output in USB Type-C as well and the other in USB-A in order to to make the SSD compatible with the greatest number of devices (laptops, desktops, Macbooks, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, televisions, etc.).

For information, the SSD is compatible with these different operating systems :

  • Windows 7 and +
  • macOS X 10.10 and +
  • Android 5.1 and +
  • Chrome OS (but without dedicated software)
  • A Touch version also on the program with more security

  • As its name suggests, the Touch version of this SSD adds a touch functionality : thanks to a button placed on the top of the product, the user can scan his fingerprint and thus access the files . This feature is obviously not mandatory, but it can be configured through the Samsung Portable SSD Plus Software available on Windows, macOS and Android. Once the fingerprints have been recorded (it is possible to configure several, for family use for example), it will be necessary to go through a finger scan to use the SSD. The only downside is that it is not possible to secure only one part of the disk .

    Security on the program also on the classic version

    It was obvious that Samsung was not going to leave users of the classic T7 on the security aisle: while the Touch provides an additional barrier, the other model has password protection software (also available on the Touch). A little more tedious than a fingerprint sensor, this system nevertheless makes it possible to avoid any intrusion into the files without your authorization . Same problem as for the Touch, it is not possible to secure only part of the files, too bad.

  • The different models of Samsung T7

    As we said above, the Samsung T7 SSD is available in two distinct versions, the classic and the Touch . Each has its variations of color and storage, here is the list. The prices can obviously change over the weeks and according to the current promotions. You will notice, the two versions (unfortunately) do not have the same colors:

    • Samsung T7 classic (Blue, Gray, Red)
      • 500GB: Around 150 €
      • 1TB: Around 225 €
      • 2TB: Around € 400
    • Samsung T7 Touch (Metal, Black)
      • 500GB: Around 165 €
      • 1TB: Around € 230
      • 2TB: Around € 430

    The differences with the T5

  • Our opinion on the Samsung T7 SSD

  • What to say about this Samsung T7 SSD except that it brilliantly replaces the already excellent T5 . With its size  of pocket (except in thickness, the disc is not greater … than a credit card), its well finished design , its rates of 1Gb / s write and read, his memory NVMe M.2 to taste du jour and its Touch version for security lovers, there is not much more to say. W e are dealing here with a new reference in the field. We will simply regret that the security system is only done via the dedicated Samsung software and that it lacks a few options. For lovers of fast flow and large storage, you have undoubtedly found your new reference.
  • Always choose the right product


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