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The market for chairs dedicated to gaming is disputed by many brands. In this fierce battle, leaders dominate, and dozens of competitors try to climb on the podium. Among them is Oraxeat . A relatively unknown brand, one wonders if Oraxeat would not be building a reputation with the gaming community. With a growing catalog, we decipher what you need to know about the ranges of gaming chairs and give our opinion on Oraxeat .

Oraxeat: its history

The evolution of the office automation sector is increasingly influenced by e-sport and a certain design that has come to define gaming. Brands are adapting and specializing in this sector, with a strong history in a similar discipline. It is in this very competitive context that the Oraxeat brand is trying to find its place. What’s more, in the field of high-end gaming chairs .

However, Oraxeat has been present since the beginnings of e-sport. In 2008, Oraxeat presents itself as a French sole proprietorship . Its objective is to sell a chair dedicated to gaming, while interest in this discipline is nascent. In a quest for comfort and practicality, Oraxeat offers a reference model. Slowly, their catalog grew and the company relied on foreign partners to supply them with the materials and construction of their chairs.

Today Oraxeat is trying to come out of the shadows and find a legitimate place in the gaming chair market .

Why choose Oraxeat?

Far from being part of the market leaders, Oraxeat can be a brand that leaves you perplexed at first sight. Indeed, the market for gaming chairs is saturated and invades many challengers, for some unknown. And we all know that we can’t always trust a brand if we don’t know it. What are the positives of the brand? We explain the advantages offered by Oraxeat.

The French brand emphasizes its ergonomic features. With a solid structure and a reinforced backrest, Oraxeat allows itself to insure its armchairs for 5 years (general duration of a guarantee) with the possibility of extending it up to 10 thanks to a simple registration on their site, within 30 days following the purchase of your chair. An unusual gesture when the competition tends to charge this guarantee at a fairly high price.

All this proves the deep confidence that the brand can have in its products, and especially its materials. Because here is the point that can be scary when we talk about Oraxeat. If the brand happens to be French, its products come from China. But this has no consequence on the qualities of the wheelchair and even less on the regulations. Especially since a very large majority of high-end gaming chair brands go through China to import their materials. In addition, Oraxeat products comply with French regulations and the company carries out the quality tests of each of its products itself.

Added to this is the fact that Oraxeat is one of the few brands with an address located in France . This address is intended for after-sales service, demonstrating that the brand is listening to its customers.

Comparative table of the best Oraxeat chairs

Oraxeat XL800 Leather / PVC 200 kg 175-200 cm 65 Kg/m3
Oraxeat MX800 Simili-Add / PVC 150kg 165 – 195cm 75Kg/m3
Oraxeat TK1000 PVC 150kg 165 – 195cm 75Kg/m3

Oraxeat gaming chair: Our selection

If Oraxeat started with a small catalog, today the brand has many models. To help you make your choice, here is our selection of the best Oraxeat gaming chairs!

Oraxeat XL800


Our top pick is the Oraxeat XL800 . It is one of the high-end models of the brand. Quite expensive, it looks like a very comfortable armchair and benefits from a particularly wide seat. It incorporates various ergonomic features into its backrest that favor comfort and support. This ranges from the adapted backrest, adorned with two cushions, to the so-called 4D armrests. These can be adjusted according to the height of your desk and the directions of your elbows or wrists. Oraxeat emphasizes back support and has an integrated lumbar support system.

In this concern for adaptation, the Oraxeat XL800 also has a rocking system. Able to move up to 160° , the rocker is natural and pivots according to the inclination of your body in the seat. This rocking system is adjustable using a control located at the level of the pivot allowing you to adapt the sensitivity according to your wishes.

This chair nevertheless weighs its weight. Its 32kg ensure you a stable and massive gaming chair. It must be said that it is particularly intended for large sizes (from 1m75). It is also one of the most resistant armchairs, since it is able to support up to 200kg .

Regarding the material, this chair benefits from a foam padding of 65 kg/m3 . A higher than average amount for gaming chairs making it a little firmer . With a microperforated PVC coating , the Oraxeat XL800 allows the body to breathe and avoids retaining heat. Despite its imposing size and weight, this armchair presents itself through a sober racing design. And under this classic look hides precise and very appreciable finishes at the level of the seat. This makes the XL800 a reference model that does not have to be ashamed vis-à-vis the market leaders.


  • Very comfortable
  • Resistant
  • A design with intricate details
  • Can support up to 200kg

The lessers

  • Heavy and imposing
  • Not suitable for people under 1.75m tall

Oraxeat MX800

If the XL800 is Oraxeat’s top-of-the-range model, what about its entry-level? Well the price difference happens to be ultimately quite slim. The Oraxeat MX800 is the cheapest gaming chair from the French manufacturer, and yet it happens to be only 80€ cheaper than the XL800.


This price difference reveals the proximity between the different models of the brand, but also the assurance of a quality never neglected through all the models of the brand. Like other Oraxeat gaming chairs, the MX800 has a molded backrest to hug your back and ensure a good position during your gaming sessions. Its components are identical to the others, from its steel base to the wheels.

The Oraxeat MX800 chair nevertheless includes some differences with the top-of-the-range model. And this will be noticed in terms of the capacities of the chair. The MX800 still weighs 35kg , although it happens to be narrower than the average gaming chair. But it is able to support a load of up to 150 kg . Like the XL800, its configuration predestines it for players of average height (from 1m65 to 1m95).

Particularly comfortable, this armchair benefits from a high foam density . This gaming chair is one of the firmest. He makes every effort to ensure you a permanent support, at the risk of feeling a little cramped if you are overweight. Similarly, if you tend to like to slouch and sink into a soft sofa, go your way. On the other hand, this chair cannot be denied the fact that it combines the finishes and design of the gaming chair with the care of an ergonomic chair.

Moreover, its design is in line with the competition with an aesthetic borrowing its main lines from racing, but benefiting from more sober finishes . The Oraxeat MX800 comes in two-tone models on a black base.

If the entry-level of Oraxeat is not the most successful chair on the market, it is nonetheless the one benefiting from a very high quality for its price. It easily competes with other models, 100 to 200€ more expensive among competitors.


  • Excellent value for money
  • The best entry-level gaming chair
  • Well thought out finishes

The lessers

  • Features below the competition (tilt, weight supported)
  • A firm chair that may bother some

Oraxeat TK1000

Like the MX800, the Oraxeat TK1000 is intended for people of average height and average build. It carries with it all the options offered by the manufacturer:

  • Seat reclines up to 160°
  • 4D armrests
  • Rocking system
  • Micro-perforated PVC coating
  • 4th class piston
  • steel base

Its specificities lie in its design. This is its quality and its fault. The Oraxeat TK1000 is greatly inspired by Racing designs and in particular car racing bucket seats. This design not only has an aesthetic function and also aims to enhance the ergonomics of the gaming chair. And to ensure this support, the chair will provide two reinforcements on each side of the seat.

Reinforcements that will prevent you from holding on badly, and therefore ensure a good position for your back . Only, some people may finally feel hindered by these reinforcements which removes a certain place from the seat. It is therefore a gaming chair to be reserved for an informed public regarding this detail, and above all attracted by an accentuated sporty design.


  • A very efficient gaming chair
  • Comfortable
  • Resistant materials
  • A refined sporty design

The lessers

  • A seat that may seem narrow depending on your size

All about Oraxeat and its gaming chairs

What are the qualities specific to the brand? How is the Oraxeat catalog organized? The French manufacturer will have no more secrets for you.

The specificities of an Oraxeat gaming chair

The Oraxeat brand does not really have specificities in itself. It adapts to market trends, while ensuring product quality. This makes Oraxeat a quite honorable quality equivalent compared to other well-known brands such as Secretlab , Maxnomic or AKRacing.

And that goes all the way to mounting the chair, performing the same as the competition. We end up with a particularly high product quality , with a 5-spoke aluminum foot and wheels suitable for any type of floor. Oraxeat pays attention to total adaptation, provided that the dimensions and depth of the seat are taken into account.

The different ranges of Oraxeat

You will have noticed the different designations XL, TK and MX that distinguish each of the chairs selected. However, it is not the model but the range offered by Oraxeat . Indeed, the catalog of Oraxeat armchairs is divided into 3 distinct ranges , which we will present to you below.

Oraxeat XL Series (XL800)

The most elaborate model of the brand, the XL800 is the most successful and the most comfortable. Integrating all the options offered, it benefits from a leather covering and micro-perforated PVC. But above all, it wants to be the seat adapted to all large sizes. Wider, higher, it sits like a throne in which to lodge. For more information, we refer you to our section dedicated to the gaming chair in our selection.

Oraxeat TK Series (TK700 – TK700F – TK1000 – TK900)

We told you in depth about the TK1000 model , but within this range, this chair happens to be accompanied by 3 other models. We find in each one the same intention in the design linked to Racing. Without embracing the same finish or the same look, they share the same spirit.

There are some differences, especially between the TK700 and the TK700F , based on the PVC coating for the first or soft fabric for the second. But overall, we note that these models have the settings common to all high-end gaming chairs.

Oraxeat MX Series (MX800 et 850)

With the MX Series range , the Oraxeat brand offers two models: the MX800 and the MX850 . They both meet the expectations and needs of a gamer and will perfectly fulfill the essential functions. But above all, this range is intended for a medium-sized audience. Oraxeat demonstrates here that entry-level does not in any way correspond to a low-quality product. If the prices diverge, it is above all a question of different design and adaptation to several profiles and sizes.

Our opinion on Oraxeat

To summarize our opinion on Oraxeat , we can say that it is a brand ensuring quality worthy of the biggest players in the sector but at a lower price than its competitors. It can be criticized for not being original, for following trends and for not really innovating in terms of the options offered. Nevertheless, Oraxeat evolves with the market and remains on mastered domains and skills by offering quality products. By keeping to this philosophy, Oraxeat may not surprise you, but you will be sure to never be disappointed with an Oraxeat armchair.


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