Maxnomic review

We are going to develop in this comparison all the aspects of the brand and its products, so that you can form an opinion on Maxnomic as objectively as possible. We are going to discover where the brand comes from, its history and its specificities and then compare a selection of five models, so that each morphology finds a Maxnomic gaming chair that meets its expectations.

Maxnomic , a very good gaming chair/armchair solution, places ergonomics at the center of its overall strategy. Going beyond the simple idea of ​​a bucket seat, the brand of German origin offers top-of-the-range models and is one of the leading brands in the field. With a resolutely ergonomic approach and now renowned for their manufacturing quality, Maxnomic gaming chairs have nothing more to prove.

Maxnomic: its history

Maxnomic is a high-end brand of gaming chairs. In addition to original design, quality construction and sophisticated finishes, Maxnomic prides itself on delivering quality with the E-sport aesthetic of gaming. Founded in 2014 by the company NeedForSeat which, through the creation of this brand, radicalizes its orientation towards ergonomics and top of the range.

Maxnomic review

NeedForSeat had been a trader in quality gaming chairs since 2011. Thanks to feedback from employees (who use the products internally) and customers, founder Marco WorenKamper asks the manufacturer for modifications, in order to make Maxnomic gaming chairs more comfortable and ergonomic even in office use. Quite naturally the supplier refuses, but instead of giving up, Marco decides to manage the entire production chain up to the end customer. It was at this time that the Maxnomic brand was created, which symbolizes this deep desire to offer comfortable gaming chairs suitable for office automation .

With this originality, with a responsive customer service and its subsidiaries in France (since 2017), the USA and of course in Germany, Maxnomic has established itself and become a must in the market. The brand is now an official partner of ESL and DreamHack.

Maxnomic review

Why choose Maxnomic?

Maxnomic offers chairs designed by and for the end user with over ten years of experience in this market. The range of chairs adapts to people of all sizes , from 1m55 to 2m10 and the quality of the materials is an important criterion: the very high-end imitation leather has the advantage of comfort and ease of use. ‘maintenance.

We can finally choose Maxnomic for its trustworthy image. The transparency of a company reassures, if in addition the customer service is available and efficient, what more could you ask for… The human side and closeness to its customers makes Maxnomic an ally over time.

Comparison table of the best Maxnomic gaming chairs

Maxnomic XL-Series Titanus Black 170 kg 48 – 65 cm 176 – 210 cm 4D et SoftPad Bucket back and ultra-wide seat
Maxnomic Leader Black 150 kg 44 – 60 cm 185 – 200 cm 4D SoftPad Bucket back and flat seat
Maxnomic Dominator 150 kg 44 – 57 cm 165 – 184 cm 4D SoftPad Bucket backrest and side fins
Maxnomic NeedForSeat Pro 150 kg 44 – 57 cm 165 – 184 cm 4D SoftPad Bucket backrest and side fins
Maxnomic Classic Casual 150 kg 44 – 57 cm 155 – 174 cm 4D SoftPad Bucket backrest and side fins

Maxnomic gaming chair: Our selection

Here is a selection of five models for all tastes and to judge the effort that NeedForSeat makes to offer models for all budgets.

1. Maxnomic XL-Series Titanus Black


Dedicated to large format gamers, from 1m76 to 2m10 , as well as heavyweights with a 58cm seat and guaranteed up to 170kg, the Maxnomic XL-Series Titanus Black gaming chair is one of the brand’s flagship models. In addition to being resistant, the Titanus Black benefits from all the advantages of the brand: impeccable finishes, PU leather covering and all-surface wheels so as not to go through the whole list. To compensate for the lack of lumbar support, it is not one, but two comfort cushions delivered with the chair, one for the lumbar and the other for the neck.

If you are between 1m85 to more than two meters, you will not find better elsewhere. As for those who exceed 150kg, this is the ideal ergonomic gaming chair for you. Even if you are overweight and you are 1m75 this chair will accept your exceptional size. Resistance and quality oblige, it is more expensive than other models.


  • Strong and durable cold foam
  • Ultra-large size!
  • Standard SoftPad armrests

The lessers

  • Requires a 70cm desk
  • No integrated/adjustable lumbar support

2. Maxnomic Leader Black


Coming from the Office (L) range, the design of the Leader Black is sober and elegant , so it will also suit the most puritanical professional environments. Reserved for XL gamers, this model improves ergonomics with integrated, adjustable lumbar support using a knob on the side of the backrest. It is also suitable for all sizes with three customizations of the gas piston. The Maxnomic Leader Black remains massive and rather recommended if you are over six feet tall .

In direct competition with the market-leading XL gamer seat, the Titan from SecretLab , the Maxnomic Leader Black differentiates itself first by its price, which is more affordable while maintaining the attractions that NeedForSeat brings to its brand. In conclusion, for tall players, it really is the best ergonomic gaming chair possible.


  • Classy design
  • Integrated and adjustable lumbar support
  • Softpad armrests

The lessers

  • No cons as far as I know

3. Maxnomic Dominator


The Maxnomic Dominator is aptly named, from the PRO (M) range, this seat will suit the vast majority of sizes. The Dominator resists very well over time , many users testify to use well exceeding twice the warranty period! This is probably due to the cold-formed foam and the quality of the materials: steel, aluminum, etc. There are interesting variations of this product with in particular the “executive” version and its seat and backrest in suede! Finally, if you find that its appearance is too “office-like”, it is possible to choose from the following colors: black, red, blue, orange and green.


  • Ultra resistant chair
  • Suitable for many sizes

The lessers

  • Seat a little hard
  • No lumbar support

4. Maxnomic NeedForSeat Pro


Flagship of the company NeedForSeat during the renewal of their range, this Maxnomic seat is a concentrate of the best attractions of their products as well as an ideal compromise for an affordable price . He was the first to incorporate the new 4D armrests. They are adjustable to 8 height positions, three spacing positions, five front/rear positions and finally two left/right rotation positions! The NeedForSeat Pro is ideal for people of average height from 1.65m to 1.84m and comes with two gas piston sizes S and M. It’s the most classic seat on the list, it’s named after the company (NeedForSeat) embroidered on backrest.


  • The iconic model
  • Perfect for medium sizes
  • High back

The lessers

  • Slightly simple design
  • 100 kg max

5. Maxnomic Classic Casual


One of the first prizes at NeedForSeat, the Maxnomic Classic Casual is a model from the Tall S range specially adapted for people from 1m55 to 1m74 . Personally it is towards this model that I would direct my choice because I am 1m72. Even if you may seem a little offended to choose a suitable seat from 1m55, do not make the mistake that some make and whose ego lengthens their height. You are going straight to the purchase of a chair which, even at the minimum position, will prevent you from putting your feet on the ground. The result is very uncomfortable, bravo: need to send the chair back, it’s a failure… In addition, the models adapted to small and medium sizes are less expensive . It has all the Maxnomic advantages, and given its price it is regularly out of stock, so go for it.


  • Inexpensive considering the quality
  • Sporty and elegant design
  • Very fast assembly

The lessers

  • Reserved for small sizes

All about Maxnomic and its gaming chairs

Maxnomic is the culmination of all the know-how of the company NeedForSeat in the field of gaming chairs. The company wanted to create its own products with design, construction, materials, manufacturing monitoring, quality, testing, sales and customer service. Everything is managed internally to provide the best product and the best service. In order to fully understand all the issues and continue to improve its chairs, the German brand is developing the relationship with its customers enormously.

Maxnomic gaming chairs are suitable for all sizes, from 1m55 to 2m10, from featherweight to 170kg, with 10 different sizes in stock. Now let’s see what the offer is made up of, so you have a separation by size:

  1. Casual (S)
  2. PRO (M)
  3. OFFICE (L)

Each size has the recurring NEEDforSEAT® patterns and sizes S, M and L have the following patterns:

  1. QUADCEPTOR (4 colors to choose from)
  2. Therefore

Casual (S)

Here are the chairs for the smallest sizes and the lightest builds.
For smaller budgets you can choose from the following specific models:

  2. STYGO

Pro (M)

This is the branch for the majority of users in terms of height and weight. The offer is naturally more extensive, here are the specific models:


Office (L)

For heavy users, here is the office range with models available only in this size.

  1. COMMANDER S (three versions)
  2. LEADER (in 5 possible colors)

Maxnomic XL-SERIES (XL)

For extra-large comfort, you will have a little less variety with just the TITANUS model in 3 colors, Black, Orange and Blue.

M and L models

The M and L models have the following two references:

  1. ESL OFC 3.0
  2. TAKE TV EFC 2.0

Special editions

The “special edition” models are only available in size M.

  1. MAXNOMIC x ZLAN 2021
  2. MAXNOMIC x Team BDS

The chairs, guaranteed for 2 years , are delivered to your home in less than 3 working days and you even have a 14-day money-back guarantee ! To top it off, the assembly of the Maxnomic chairs is simple and quick, about 15 minutes to 25 minutes is enough. Particular attention is paid to the packaging, the parts are well protected and packaged.

The specificities of a Maxnomic gaming chair

Here are 10 points of the characteristics of Maxnomic chairs.

  1. The synthetic pu leather coating
    Very good coating quality, easily washable with water, pleasant texture and qualitative feeling.
  2. 4D armrests
    Adjustable in height, rotation, forwards/backwards and on the sides, they are fitted with softpads on certain models.
  3. Tilting mechanism
    In order to have a better stability of the center of gravity, a recurring problem among the models of the competitors.
  4. Adjustable backrest
    Allows the backrest to be adjusted to different positions with even an anti-fall system.
  5. Lumbar adjustment
    Seats equipped with integrated lumbar support offer adjustment of the support by means of a knob.
  6. Aluminum
    Metal Base Cast metal base provides enhanced strength.
  7. Gas
    piston Category 4 verified by AST.
  8. Castors
    With a large contact surface suitable for all floors, 10 models of optional casters (rollers, brakes, etc.)
  9. Cushions with washable
    covers A zipper makes the covers removable.
  10. Levels of customization
    Everything is customizable, either as standard with the pistons for example, but also as an option with wheels, bases, armrests and even the Set Quake System in order to send the vibrations of the bass into the seat. Finally, each model can be personalized with your name or nickname embroidered on the seat!

Our Final Opinion on Maxnomic

Whether you spend long hours in front of your computer to play or to work , if there is one thing that should not be neglected, it is the seat. You need comfort and ergonomics, aesthetics is also important to you. You have already seen the design and ergonomic chairs of the major manufacturers, unfortunately you do not have the budget which sometimes exceeds 1000 euros. To benefit from a good gaming chair without breaking your back, Maxnomic is a solution among the premium brands of gaming chairs.

Maxnomic is a high-end and well-known brand in E-sport , with advanced levels of customization, quality materials and design for all tastes! For us, it is difficult not to praise the merits of Maxnomic, which makes so many efforts to offer the best price: quality, variety, customization and ergonomics. Our opinion on Maxnomic remains positive even if the prices may be too expensive for some, but justified in the face of the competition.

Maxnomic gaming chair FAQ

DXRacer or Maxnomic?

The advantage of DXRacer is to be a well-known brand because it arrived a long time ago. There are hundreds of references in all shapes and colors, from entry-level to high-end. Users who have tested the two brands still report that the quality of the foams at DXRacer is below what we have at Maxnomic. DXRacer is also the specialist in bucket type seats, where the Maxnomic looks more like an office chair.

Maxnomic or Quersus?

An advantage of the Quersus models is the possibility of choosing the covering between imitation leather or fabric. The rest, the quality of manufacture, the finish, the possible adjustments and the armrests are substantially as good as at Maxnomic. What sets them apart is the design. The very racy appearance and spaceship pilot style at Quersus may or may not be a purchase criterion.

Finally, in addition to the top-of-the-range approach identical to the two brands, Quersus joins the quality of the Maxnomic chairs and their ergonomics, in particular the adjustable lumbar support. The aesthetic aspect will be the element that will decide in your choice between the two.

How many different seat sizes does Maxnomic offer?

There are 10 sizes of chairs at Maxnomic , from the frailest to the heaviest sizes, from 1.55m to 2.10m! Suffice to say that, if your ideal gaming chair is a “tailor-made” model, it is undoubtedly in the Maxnomic range that you will find what you are looking for.

Where to buy Maxnomic?

Only on the official Maxnomic website , uncompromising on the point, NeedForSeat wants to master the sale and customer service, as well as their money-back guarantee. This is to avoid any setbacks or approximations, German quality.

Maxnomic chair cheap or on sale

It’s pretty rare, there are used ones. A limited series that is no longer available for purchase on the site, the Made in Germany chairs, the MIGs, can be found on online second-hand sales sites. Also search in English, for example with the keywords “Maxnomic chair” there may be good opportunities abroad. You can find a Maxnomic model in our comparison to choose your gaming chair .


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