The hospitality industry is buzzing with confidence for the first time since the outbreak of the global Coronavirus pandemic. It is evident from the stats the industry sources provide. In April and May 2022, the hotel occupancy rates exceeded the pre-pandemic levels during the summer vacations. The Christmas vacation is waiting for the global traveler who wishes to transcend destinations globally with families to visit their kith and kin and close relatives to share the pandemic-related vows and to gather strength to remain optimistic during the turbulent times.

It is up to the hospitality sector to gear up for the occasion to meet the rising customer expectations in the post-pandemic period, where the uncertainty is still looming large.

The global coronavirus outbreak is the mother of several unprecedented innovations and technological advancements for the manufacturing and service industries. Companies have reciprocated the customer’s demands and expectations to provide a unique digital experience with scale. Although customers are now willing to travel and visit places, their expectations are high. The hospitality sector must consider ways to meet those expectations for sustainable progress and growth in the long run.

Build A Solid Consumer Data- Backbone for your Operations.

Your marketing department must indulge in building customers’ data that is willing to travel.

According to market studies, there is an 11% increase in hotel room occupancy by May and June 2022, and the trend may go beyond the holiday season and continues in 2023. At this juncture, the hotel industry cannot bank on historical traveler’s data. The hospitality sector must build region-specific, country-specific data, targeting customers, who is willing to travel to major global destinations.

Train your marketing wing to enter this bulky, yet rich consumer data on form templates available in electronic signature platformsto build a series of digital workflow effortlessly to share with housekeeping, sales, front-office, administrative, and customer care departments. The hotel industry must not rely on stale and obsolete data that is older than a month.

They should generate weekly reports by integrating their system with CRM and other external agencies that generate customer data to build a dashboard with insights on customers. The hotel industry can share analytical customer insights with the internal divisions to plan and design strategies to meet the rising consumer demands.

Increase your Operational Efficiency with a Streamlined Workflow

Integrate your dashboard with all your internal departments to collect and share inputs on customers to your housekeeping, restaurant, accounting, and administrative divisions to get equipped to meet customer events, weddings, ceremonies, business meets, and gatherings. Let your teams not indulge in time-consuming data entry. Let them remain flexible and focused on serving customers efficiently with the help of the integrated data you are providing to your internal wings. Allow your team to attend to customers in a pleasant atmosphere that is digital and perfectly streamlined.

The electronic signature platforms help you maintain a streamlined digital workspace, where you can create, send, receive, edit, and sign multiple contracts, agreements, and trade deals using an electronic signature. You can upload voluminous customer details using form templates and preserve them intact to build strategies to serve your customers in more personalized ways.

Serve your Customers in Personalized Ways and Win Customer Loyalty

Train the housekeeping wing to keep face with a thorough checklist that pays attention to details like beds, pillows, washrooms, room fragrance, cleanliness, and operability of the toilets, doors, and closets.  It is essential to build a digital checklist and save it as a template to circulate it to your internal divisions if you want a customer to remember you for the clean, tidy, and focused personal attention you have offered.

End-to-end digital automation reminds your internal staff to stay alert and pay complete attention to your customer expectations. Get integrated with the electronic signature platforms embedded with workflow management and let your customers experience a unique digital room booking, onboarding, billing, and checkout online, using their mobile phones.

A Collaborative Platform for Sustainable Hospitality Sector Growth

The hospitality sector must keep the shopping trends and the changed consumer behavior in mind. As a hospitality provider, you can build a strong travel and shopping ecosystem with your collaborative efforts. You need a collaborative and cloud-native platform to negotiate, discuss, and finalize your collaborative approaches such as deals, offers, and discounts for customers in association with your traveling and shopping partners.

Electronic signature platforms with inbuilt collaborative features offer comprehensive solutions for the hospitality industry to sign trade deals and joint marketing operations.

Establish your reputation in serving group travelers who are frequent visitors on business trips.

You can offer information and services at your fingertips with your collaborative efforts with multiple stakeholders like traveling agencies, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment providers, music bonds, and traders to meet the unique business needs of your group travelers.

Supply Chain Vendor Management Made Easy 

Remain flexible, agile, and swift in your operations with a smooth supply chain vendor management. Let your customer not suffer due to the lack of conveyance he is looking for or the delicacies a group of business executives aiming to taste in your restaurant.

Maintain a smooth vendor relationship by remaining swift in answering your vendor’s queries. Let your stakeholders not wait for the wet signature of the decision-making authority in person.

Sign all your vendor agreement deals and contracts gracefully with the electronic signature to remove the roadblocks. The hotel industry’s reputation relies on its commitment to serving customers by providing the customer the extra comfort and ease with which they stay and complete their trip in your hotel. Manage positive customers feedback online to wing prospective customers.

Final Thoughts

As the travelers are stepping out of their isolated cocoons after a two years lull, it is up to the industry to scale its operational efficiency through committed customer services.  The hospitality sector must initiate collaborative efforts in building an optimistic travel ecosystem that ensures comfortable travel, safe living, and stays, with delicacies to win customer loyalty. The hospitality sector must bank on the latest customer data.

They should combine technology and innovation to scale their operations to meet the rising customer expectations.  An electronic signature platform embedded with digital workflow management capabilities can go a long way in meeting the increased hospitality sector demands.


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