How to Change Your Display Name on Roblox

An Introduction

Roblox is a popular gaming platform that lets players make or play online games. connect with other players and even customize their avatars. One way to personalize your account is the ability to change your display name which is the name other users can see when they interact via the site. Here’s how you can alter your display names on Roblox.

Step 1:

Login to Roblox Visit Roblox’s website. Roblox website and sign into your account. You’ll need to input your password and username in order to gain access to your account.

Step 2:

Login to your Account’s Settings After you’ve logged in, click the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the screen to open the settings for your account.

Step 3:

Choose Step 3: Select the “Name” Tab In the account settings menu, click”Name” from the “Name” tab. This will bring you to the area of your account, where you can edit your display name.

Step 4:

Modify the Name of Display Name Input the brand new display name you wish to put within the “New Name” field. Be aware you’re display name should be at minimum three characters long and not include any language or symbols that are inappropriate.

Step 5:

Save Your Changes After you’ve entered your new display name then click”Save Changes “Save Changes” button to save your modifications. The brand-new display name will be visible to all players who are on this platform.

The conclusion:

Changing the name of your display names on Roblox is an easy and simple process that can be completed in only two steps. If you follow the steps above, you can alter your display names and make your appearance on the platform more personal.

Ox limits the number of times you are able to change the display name. Free users are allowed to alter their display name every 30 days. Premium users are able to change it every seven days.

The history of your display name: If you alter the displayed username on Roblox the prior display names are stored in your account’s history. The history is accessible by other gamers and is accessible via your “Name” tab in your account settings.

Display Name Conflict: If another player has already used the display name you wish to use, you’ll not be able to utilize it. In this instance, you’ll have to select another name that’s not used.

Users and Display names: It’s vital to remember the fact that changing your display name doesn’t change your username which is the only identification number of your login. Your username is not changeable and can only be used to login into your account, and to play online games.

Show Name and Friends Modifying the name of your display username on Roblox does not impact your friend list. Your friends will be able to view as well as interact under the brand-new display name.

So changing the displayed username on Roblox is a straightforward procedure that will make your experience on the platform more personal. Make sure to remember the change limit and ensure you choose a display name that’s not already being used by another user.

Quersus Gaming Chair: a European champion, our opinion on the brand

Each brand has its catalog and each catalog has its series, including various models. You are spoiled for choice, there is plenty to get lost in and this is particularly the case with Quersus. A European brand on the rise, Quersus shines with its partnerships in e-sport. To find you among all its models, we guide you to choose your Quersus gaming chair and give our opinion.

Quersus: a history of communication

Quersus is a brand of gaming chairs that appeared in 2016. Even if it is very discreet about its history, it ensures quality through its European construction. If we know very little about the brand, it knows how to communicate and has won the trust of many e-sport fans through partnerships and sponsorship.

Indeed, Quersus gaming chairs have been adopted by various e-sport professionals: Fnatic, Vitality, Gotaga. More recently, Youtubers Laink and Terracid have turned to Quersus armchairs.

Very inspired by DXRacer and AKRacing , Quersus also relies on the bucket seat model for the design of its products. A Quersus chair stands out as a high quality product. For this reason, each Quersus seat is patented, as is its assembly system. As a result, the brand benefits from unique and exclusive innovations, particularly in terms of ergonomics.

The European manufacturer demonstrates real know-how and is keen to offer armchairs intended for professionals. With its visibility in the world of e-sport, choosing the Quersus brand becomes a sign of belonging to a group, proof of support for a team. It is both an identification tool and a proof of quality .

This concern for identification, Quersus has understood it well and has developed a specialized sector in embroidery. This detail may make you smile, but it is a guarantee of quality and a most appreciable additional service. The coating is therefore perfectly well maintained and the logos are carefully designed on this coating. Similarly, Quersus offers each customer the possibility of embroidering their name or logo on the cushion delivered for any gaming chair purchased.

Quersus gaming chairs are numerous. The brand includes several series and models. To help you in your search for a Quersus chair, this table will allow you to quickly compare the best models of the brand.

Our selection of Quersus gaming chairs

The catalog of Quersus chairs now includes more than 26 models. To help you make your choice, here is our selection of the most popular and best Quersus gaming chairs!

1. Quersus Geos 702

The Quersus Geos 702 is the premium armchair that has become a great classic of the brand. This is the Quersus reference. This gaming chair dramatically improves your seating with the help of cold-cured high-density foam padding. A feature common to all major gaming chair brands.

But the Quersus Geos 702 chair brings two additional elements that considerably improve its ergonomics. The first concerns the so-called TILT function . It is a multifunctional mechanism capable of naturally tilting the chair according to your weight. The chair can tilt up to 140° in this way. A significant asset when looking for a quickly adapted inclination.

Still with this concern for ergonomics, Quersus has integrated a control into this armchair in the right height of the backrest. This command allows you to adjust the lumbar support which is not just a cushion here, but the backrest itself. No more firm cushions that slip, Quersus has concocted the ideal solution for your back.

This ergonomic function is supported by an imposing design. Relatively high, the backrest forms a curve. It is therefore to be reserved for a tall person who appreciates this cocoon effect. Likewise, this shape of backrest can bother some people with broad shoulders , even causing some pain.


  • Very comfortable
  • Resistant
  • A design with intricate details
  • Well-thought-out ergonomic features

The lessers

  • Not suitable for people under 1m75

2. Quersus Vaos 501

The Vaos 501 armchair is one of the entry-level models, just after the Evos series. The Vaos 501 model is aimed at mid-size players and deviates from the sporty frills of popular models. Quersus opts here for a more sober, simpler entry-level model. A good aesthetic choice for those who do not adhere to the sporty look of gaming chairs, but this common design and its black fabric material gives this impression of a cheap product.

However, this is only an impression. Because the Quersus Vaos 501 has all the features of a high-end Quersus wheelchair . It includes the classic features of a gaming chair, but also features specific to Quersus chairs: the multifunctional TILT mechanism and adjustable lumbar support .

If it is a fabric gaming chair, the materials are all of good quality. The frame is made of steel, the base is very resistant and the piston is still category 4. There are only certain limits that will have to be accommodated.

If the essential elements are of a resistance to any test, the armchair in itself raises fears of certain fragilities, starting with the weight supported. The Quersus Vaos 501 remains one of the most fragile chairs on this point. It cannot support a weight greater than 120 kg. Added to this is a fabric covering that must prove itself over the long term. But it does not detract from the quality/price ratio of this Vaos 501 presenting a top-of-the-range model at a very reasonable price. If the fabric puts you off, then you can opt for the Vaos 502 model which has a faux leather covering.


  • Ergonomic
  • The features of a high-end chair
  • An envelope design

The lessers

  • Doesn’t look like a Quersus gaming chair
  • Cannot support a load of more than 120kg

3. Quersus Evos 302

The Evos series from Quersus is primarily intended for people of average height , ranging from 160cm to 180cm. This entry-level brand offers a conventional design. This Quersus gaming chair has a sporty look with its geometric lines and offers different very bright colors.

Quersus has the merit of offering a quality entry-level product that will delight any lover of the modern gaming world. Nevertheless, we can already blame a lack of personality in this product, the fault of a common racing design.

The main interest of this model is to once again integrate the functions specific to Quersus seats. The Quersus Evos 302 chair has all the brand’s own features: the multifunctional TILT mechanism and the adjustable lumbar support. This makes the Evos 302 an ergonomic and comfortable gaming chair for fans of bucket chairs.

Nevertheless, several reports have been made regarding the 4D armrests. Indeed, despite an always careful design on the part of Quersus, the Evos models seem to have more fragile armrests . These reports suggest armrests that have become unstable. Over time, the lock would no longer work, leaving you with dangling armrests.


  • Ergonomic
  • The features of a high-end chair
  • A good price-performance ratio

The lessers

  • Cannot support a load of more than 120kg
  • Fragile armrests

4. Quersus Gotaga 2

Quersus is a brand that communicates little with its consumers but is very present among professionals and influencers. After Fnatic and Vitality, Quersus renews its specific model dedicated to the Call of Duty player, with the Quersus Gotaga 2 .

This armchair is intended to be one of the best models of the brand. It presents exotic colors to the colors offered by Quersus and offers exclusive embroidery , namely, the logo of Quersus and Gotaga.

This armchair takes up the characteristics of the Quersus V500 armchair and turns towards a futuristic design. Its straight lines give the armchair the air of a throne from a science fiction universe. This original choice happens to be more in line with the world of current gaming.

Obviously, we find on this high-end model the multifunctional TILT mechanism and the adjustable lumbar support. The characteristics are the same as for the other models, with a 160° tilt .

Some regrets are to be noted. The 4D armrests are still in a slightly textured plastic. A softer surface would have been more comfortable and would have perfectly accompanied the neat design of this gaming chair. On the other hand, we also regret the absence of cache. The connection between the seat and the backrest is fully visible from the back. A slight detail that leaves the impression of an unfinished armchair.

But don’t let this spoil your fun, because this Quersus Gotaga 2 gaming chair is a real success. A unique high-end model that will undoubtedly delight Call of Duty fans.


  • Unique futuristic design
  • Ergonomic
  • Advanced features
  • Very comfortable

The lessers

  • Perfectible armrests

Our opinion on Quersus

Quersus is a very respectable brand of gaming chairs . It adapts to the market while offering separate products, making Quersus a brand capable of adapting to changes in the market. This brand manages to deliver unique, exotic designs, without denoting with current fashion.

Added to this is the attention paid to ergonomics. The technologies developed ensure perfect back support and well thought-out protection for lower back support. Protection often reduced to a simple cushion with the competition. So Quersus chairs can be an alternative to ergonomic chairs to consider.

Quersus Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Beyond price and design, the ranges of Quersus gaming chairs have more differences than it seems. They are essential to know to make the right choice, especially depending on the comfort you want and the morphology you have.

Summary table of Quersus chair ranges

Characteristics Evos Vaos Geos
Cut between S and L between M and XL between L and XXL
Max weight 120 kg 120 kg 150 kg
User size between 1.60 and 1.80m 1,70 e t 1,85 m + 1.75 m
Height between 1.25 and 1.34m between 1.25 and 1.32m between 1.26 and 1.36m
Lenght between 63 and 67 cm between 68 and 73 cm between 68 and 73 cm

The Evos range

The Evos range is the most accessible of the Quersus brand. It is more suitable for thin people or those with an average size (in terms of height and weight), which results in the smallest chairs of the brand.

To summarize, here is the list of specific characteristics specific to the Evos range:

  • Overall dimensions  : Between S and L
  • Maximum weight  : 120 kg
  • Recommended user  height: Between 1.60 and 1.80 m
  • Chair height  : Between 1.25 and 1.34 m
  • Chair width : Between 63 and 67 cm

Depending on the nomenclature, ranging from EVOS 301 to EVOS 303 , other characteristics change.

  • The EVOS 301 offers breathable fabric with faux leather on the edges of the seat for 5 different colors.
  • The EVOS 302 is entirely equipped with imitation leather in 10 colours.
  • The EVOS 303 is also in imitation leather, except that decorative stitching in 3 colors is present to bring a different design.

The Vaos range

The Vaos range is the mid-range from Quersus. The design of the gaming chair is subtly modified compared to the Evos range, while offering a seat more suitable for people who have a larger build .

To summarize, here is the list of specific characteristics specific to the Vaos range:

  • Overall dimensions  : Between M and XL
  • Maximum weight  : 120 kg
  • Recommended user  height: Between 1.70 and 1.85 m
  • Chair height  : Between 1.25 and 1.32 m
  • Chair width : Between 68 and 73 cm

Like the Evos range, the Vaos line has its own nomenclature with its specificities, ranging from VAOS 501 to VAOS 505 :

  • The VAOS 501 brings a breathable fabric seat, plus faux leather inserts, all in 5 colors.
  • The VAOS 502 goes entirely to imitation leather with 10 different colors.
  • The VAOS 503 offers faux leather with decorative stitching in 3 colors.
  • The VAOS 504 presents only one model derived from the VAOS 503, with a revised design and a unique color in black and white.
  • The VAOS 505 is equipped with a much more sober design, via a soft QRS fabric.

The Geos range

The Geos range is the top of the range among Quersus gaming chairs. If you have an imposing size or want the widest possible seat , this is the one that can best meet your needs.

To summarize, here is the list of specific characteristics specific to the Geos range:

  • Overall dimensions  : Between L and XXL
  • Maximum weight  : 150 kg
  • Recommended user  height: Over 1.75m
  • Chair height  : Between 1.26 and 1.36 m
  • Chair width : Between 68 and 73 cm

This range also has different models with a precise nomenclature, ranging from GEOS 701 to GEOS 703:

  • The GEOS 701 offers a breathable fabric seat with faux leather chair edges in 5 colors.
  • The GEOS 702 changes to imitation leather with 9 different colors.
  • The GEOS 703 keeps this imitation leather base by adding decorative stitching in 3 colors.

Special editions

The seats in the Special Edition range feature an original design, often bearing the image of one of their partners, i.e. streamers, Esport teams, etc. They are based on the design of the Vaos chairs with generally the same characteristics. These models still offer changes on a case-by-case basis, especially in the material used.

A headrest cushion embroidered with the special edition logo is also supplied with each seat.

Accessories for Quersus chairs

Like many other brands, Quersus also offers accessories for its gaming chairs , including some relatively unique services.

The best known are the headrest cushions , which are supplied with all brand seats. The advantage here is to choose precisely the cushion you want. As with the chairs, the cushions also have their own nomenclature:

  • the H01 cushions are in fabric,
  • the H02 are in imitation leather,
  • the H03 are also in imitation leather with decorative stitching.

If you want to personalize your cushion, Quersus allows you to have your name or logo embroidered on a cushion.

Next to it, you can obviously find some essential replacement accessories for your chair, such as sets of casters , jacks , armrests or locking feet .

Quersus Gaming Chair FAQ

Now you know the strengths and weaknesses of the best models of the Quersus brand . But how does it compare to other leading gaming chair brands?

DXracer or Quersus?

DXRacer aims to present a racing seat model to e-sport enthusiasts, like many competing brands. The racing aesthetic works because it conveys this message of competition, of a seated sports discipline.

For its part, Quersus is inspired by this aesthetic in its Evos range. But the racing model does not include the entire catalog of Quersus. The European manufacturer has been able to expand its catalog and vary the inspirations to create unique designs.

Quersus ou Noblechairs ?

Noblechairs offers a variant of the racing seat model. The brand retains this sporty and competitive approach, but accentuates the comfort and a certain prestige in the design. It’s more of a luxury sports car, rather than a racing car.

For this reason, Quersus deviates from this aesthetic and offers more varied designs. In addition, in this comparison, the question of price comes into play. Noblechairs , in keeping with its relationship to luxury, is a more expensive brand.

Maxnomic or Quersus?

Maxnomic is a contraction between Maximum and Ergonomic. This brand revolves around the same theme targeted by Quersus: ergonomics.

But on this point, if Maxnomic makes it one of its priorities, its devices remain the same as those offered by all the reliable brands of gaming chairs. Quersus , on the other hand, innovates with its exclusive devices included in each of its products.

Quersus ou Rekt?

Rekt is a young French brand, noticed by the presence of Julien Tellouck, former animator on the Game One channel. Rekt is starting to make a name for itself in the gaming chair world by offering sober products and office equipment in solid colors, and often black.

If for you the sober aesthetic takes precedence over the ergonomics of the gaming chair, the Rekt brand will suit you much better than Quersus . On the other hand, if ergonomics is an important point for you, you can turn to the Evos gaming chairs from Quersus.

Where to buy a Quersus chair?

Quersus gaming chairs are available on all specialized sales sites. Some models can also be found on Amazon or in supermarkets (Fnac, Boulanger, But).

On the other hand, if you are looking for a specific model or a limited edition, you will have to turn to the official Quersus store. The same goes for the Vitality models available on their official shop.

What are the Quersus ranges?

Quersus is divided into 3 ranges which differ according to the size of the user:

  • Evos for people from 1.60 to 1.80 m,
  • Vaos for people from 1.70 to 1.85 m,
  • Geos for those over 1.75 m.

The brand also has a “Special Edition” section with models branded according to games and other famous players.

Why a Razer Gaming Laptop is the Best Choice for Gamer

Razer gaming laptops have earned an image of being extremely high-performance, top-quality models that are designed to endure the damage of regular usage. While it’s common to believe that every gaming laptop is pretty identical but this isn’t really the case. In actual Razer’s laptops come with distinctive characteristics that make them perfect gaming and activities. Below are top reasons you should consider gaming laptops from Razer instead of a different brand.

1) Excellent Overall Performance

With a style that’s designed for gaming and ergonomics This Razer gaming laptop provides the best performance to offer while remaining at ease and making your gaming more enjoyable. With its 4th generation shopping mode Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD it gives gamers an experience outstanding in terms of graphic performance, general performance as well as the overall experience.

2) Responsive Gameplay

Due to this Razer Core’s internal I/O port, which allows users to connect up to eight additional discrete shopping modes Nvidia GTX graphics cards (from older generations) which means that your game can be played with an ultra-high resolution, with low delay. This is because memory is shared among graphics cards, allowing players to play games at high frame rates, with amazing graphics.

3) Optimised RGB Lighting Configuration

Razer has teamed up with Intel to provide customers with Intel’s Dynamic Colour Technology (DCT) that allows you to set your gaming laptop to play with different lighting patterns for games. You can select between six levels of intensity and three color schemes for each of them, to meet your gaming requirements as well as your personal style and preferences.

4) Superior Sound Quality

Razer Blade Pro Razer Blade Pro is equipped with the USB DAC (digital-to-analogue converter). This means you can connect headphones that are of top quality and enjoy the full quality of your games, music and films. It is also possible to connect external speakers to boost the sound quality while gaming or streaming with pals.

5) Uncompromised Mobility

With its ultra-slim chassis The Razer Blade Pro is highly mobile. It lets you enjoy your game on the go at any time any time, wherever. It weighs just 5.95 pounds, which is less than one pound heavier than a shopping mode iPad Pro. This makes it among the smallest, most powerful gaming laptops that are available currently.

6) Razer Mechanical Switches

Razer’s laptops come with an electronic switch that is audio and tactile. Feedback is provided to provide an experience that is more responsive to gaming (rather than using an off-off button on you keyboard). Razer’s laptops are also extremely quiet.

7) Razer Core Competencies

If you purchase Razer Blade Pro, you will receive Razer Blade Pro. It is possible to connect your laptop gaming device with the Razer Core’s external I/O port, which will allow you to connect additional eight graphics cards. This allows you to enjoy the best performance out of your gaming. It gives you the highest frame rates and stunning graphics in your games.


If you’re a fan of gaming then you should buy the Razer Gaming laptop. This is why you should visit the local computer shop. Make sure you ask for an Razer laptop over the other brands, and then check out their laptops. You’ll be happy for it. Don’t forget to share with your friends the fun you have playing games are right now.