Cellar Fountain Easter Egg

Introduced with the Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 update, Fortune’s Keep is home to many hidden secrets. The game developers have placed these unique Easter Eggs all over the map, which you can complete to get valuable loot rewards. Here’s how to find all of the Fortune’s Keep Easter Eggs that have been discovered in Warzone Pacific.

All Easter Eggs and Secrets in Fortune’s Keep Warzone

Players can find and complete the following secrets and easter eggs on the Fortune’s Keep map in Warzone:

  • Cemetery Zombie
  • Keep’s Secret Room
  • city ​​bullseye
  • Stacks of treasures
  • cellar fountain

Graveyard Zombie Easter Egg

In Graveyard, a POI located next to the city, you can find candles that appear randomly next to graves and graves. To complete the Zombie Easter egg, you need to light two of these candles and then “pay homage” to the grave as shown in the images above. If you are the first player to do so, a zombie will appear out of the grave and you can shoot it down for some good loot.

Keep’s Secret Room Easter Egg

The most rewarding Easter egg of all is the one inside Keep, which is the largest POI on the map. You need to collect two bottles of wine and place them on the shelf inside the dining room of the dungeon. Wine bottles spawn randomly and you can search the dungeon area for them and pick them up from dead players.

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City Bullseye Easter Egg

At the western end of town, you should land on the balcony of the building shown in the image above. Collect the melon throwing knife and head inside the same building. Look for the bullseye on the second stream and throw your knife at it. This will open the small room to your right where you can find some money and at least one high level weapon.

treasure pile easter egg

For the next challenge, you need to return to the cemetery POI. Collect the shovel from the tomb and head to the coastal area near Smuggler’s Cove. Approach piles of treasure and hold the interact button to receive loot items.

Keep in mind that you can lose the shovel on death and you can’t get it back, so be careful. Also, be sure to dig at least three of these piles of dirt if you want to complete the “Pocket Sand” challenge in the Mercenaries of Fortune event.

Cellar Fountain Easter Egg

Cellar Fountain Easter Egg

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The simplest Easter egg on Fortune’s Keep is located in the Winery area. Approach the fountain as shown above and drop your money there. Wait a few seconds and the fountain will return a random loot item to you. The more money you deposit, the more valuable the reward you receive.

These are all known Call of Duty: Warzone Fortune Keep Easter Eggs so far. If more are discovered, we’ll update this guide accordingly.

Stay tuned to Pro Game Guides for more Call of Duty and Warzone content. In the meantime, head over to our article on the best landing spots on Fortune’s Keep in CoD Warzone.


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